DST Academy: together, with and for the SEA.

We offer a wide range of courses and activities of high quality and professional value.

Why choose DST Academy?

The DST, or Deep Sea Technology, has been one of the most popular company for over twenty years.
The DST Academy’s aim is discovering the hidden marine world, and protecting it.

The DST Academy is responsible for training and it is the only one having professionally-led courses for all levels: Apnea, Recreational Scuba Diving, Technical Scuba Diving, and Commercial Diving.

The DST Academy aims to bring together who shares a passion for this hidden world and wants to discover it.

Moreover, The DST Explorer is responsible for medical, archeological and exploratory research.







FreeDiving is the first step of a man in exploration of submerget planet, and is a very practiced sport activity.
Our Freediving courses are responsible for training and developing personal qualities which help freedivers achieving their goals safely.


Breathing underwater is a dream for everyone wants to discover the hidden underwater world.
Scuba equipment allow you to travel in the depths of seas without any effort.
Our istructors who have gained teaching experience, will help you in your way.


If your passion for adventure and your love for the ocean are priorities in your life, you can enter the professional area, becoming a member of DST Academy. Here, you can become an instructor and trasmit your passion to everyone who wants to approach this wonderful world.


Tek is the next step for everyone who wants to reach new limits.
Our experts will help you to take on this new challenge and get a proper and hard preparation.


The presence in seas of a commercial diver, an expert who works underwater, in deep-sea and shallow depht, is vital.
Our Academy provides courses which give you the knowledge needed for certification and let you the possibility to know the fantastic world of professional divers.

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